The Quedlinburg Cathedral

    The Collegiate Church of St. Servatius is at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Quedlinburg. Founded in the early 10th century by the first German King Henry I as Palatine Chapel, the foundations of the church were laid in 936.  At the behest of his widow Queen Matilda later canonised as Saint Matilda the church was used as a convent, which was closely connected with the Ottonian and Salian ruling family and used the liturgical commemoration of the royal tombs. High Romanesque architecture and medieval art treasures invite you to discover and bring to life the place of the first German kings and emperors. King Henry I and his wife Saint Matilda laid the foundation for the development of city and state. Later emperors maintained the tradition of the Ottonians to come to Quedlinburg. The world famous treasures of the collegiate church are now an impressive testimony to this rich history.